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More than
people have a criminal record
In the 12 months to September 2019
people left the Armed Forces
There are over
homeless people in the UK

What Do We Do?

Supporting Northamptonshire Police

per year

Goodwill Solutions CIO supports Northamptonshire Police by providing an in-kind space for the Police to use in three different programmes:

Community Initiative to Reduce Violence

A gang intervention programme to help reduce violence and drugs associated with gangs.

Early Intervention Hub

Bringing Police and County Council teams working together to identify families in difficulty at an early stage and step-in to offer support.

Cycl-opps scheme

Working with offenders to repair lost or stolen bicycles for community use.

Goodwill Solutions has a positive and uplifting atmosphere of change and growth which inspires both the officers who work here and those we are seeking to support. Northamptonshire Police continues to receive significant support from Goodwill Solutions.

It is down to Goodwill Solutions support of Northamptonshire Police and its mission that allows CIRV and the early intervention team to operate in a neutral space where agencies and staff from a variety of backgrounds can operate under one roof as a true multi-agency team.

Detective Inspector Daryl Lyons
Northamptonshire Police

Supporting Northampton Borough Council

Goodwill Solutions CIO has been involved in the Northampton Night Shelter since 2016 and provided a number of items required for their refurbishment including:

  • Kitchen units & appliances, tools
  • Materials such as paint, timber & board
  • Secured a roofer for repairs
  • Tables, chairs & soft furnishings

We also helped raise money for other supplies and acted as a drop-off point for
donated items bedding, food supplies & sleeping bags.

Inspirational in talking to the Night Shelter clients and motivating them to get back on their feet, in fact Night Shelter staff will soon be recommending one of their clients for advice about potential job options.

Northampton Borough Council Housing
& Wellbeing Team

Supporting The Hope Centre Northampton

Goodwill Solutions CIO has provided The Hope Centre Northampton with kitchen space and utilities since 2018 to allow them to further their support for homeless and vulnerable people which has been especially vital during the COVID 19 pandemic.

Supporting the local community in Wellingborough

Goodwill Solutions CIO has been a supporter of the local community in Wellingborough for several years through it’s involvement with the Hemmingwell Community Centre, including in 2019 donating £20,000 to support greater community cohesion via services such as out of school and youth oriented clubs, community churches and access to gym facilities within the centre.

Our 2020 Grants

In 2019 Goodwill Solutions cic donated
to its CIO to allow us to increase our social impact and help more people in our community

This year Goodwill Solutions CIO will be awarding small grants of money to help local Northamptonshire charities and social enterprises make real improvements to the lives of disadvantaged people in our Northamptonshire community.

Do you work with groups or individuals who have specific challenges such as homelessness, people with health issues and disabilities, carers, those working with young people, armed forces leaver or ex-offenders.

Could you do more of the great things you do or do something new and really innovative with the benefit of a cash grant from Goodwill Solutions CIO. If you could then please contact us on cio@goodwillsolutions.co.uk to enquire further.