Job Corps Pilot Project

Goodwill EditorNews

This month, our partner the University of Northampton, we launched our new Job Corps Pilot Project.

Project Job Corps is a new way of uniting organisations from the private, public and third sector to support people moving into full and paid employment. Working with the Police, the Probation Trust, local charities and employers, Job Corps creates a pipeline for individuals to follow to change their lives.

Designed as an extension to our already successful Back-to-Work programme, which boasts a 70% employment rate, Job Corps goes further by working with other agencies to support clients through their transition.

Our Managing Director, Mike Britton, said: “Tackling unemployment will reduce anti-social and criminal behaviour, resulting in fewer people ending up in the criminal justice system. This will have a direct impact on our communities.”

Co-founder of Goodwill Solutions, Graham Tomkins, commented: “We have demonstrated that with our Back-to-Work programme, we can change lives. With Project job Corps we intend to change the world.”