Making a difference

Social Impact

This is a really excellent example of social action at work. This company is providing major benefits for society as it is keeping people off benefits and generating income tax revenue

Michael Ellis MP
Northampton North

Train over
people each year through ouR programmes
Employment Rate of
for our Back to Work Programme
Generated over
worth of social impact in 2016
Train over
people each year through ouR programmes
Employment Rate of
for our Back to Work Programme
Generated over
worth of social impact in 2016

Putting Back Into The Community

Goodwill Solutions is a Community Interest Company and we work in a way that helps the local community. We work with disadvantaged people across Northamptonshire to help them back into work and to become a valuable member of our community. We are completely self-funded using profits from the business, not government handouts, to run our projects.

Offenders and ex-offenders

Experienced and highly qualified management team


giving our clients the best possible service

Those With Learning Difficulties

of top global manufacturers and UK based retailers


Revenue generating potential

Disadvantaged Youths

Investing into community schemes

  • Re-Socialisation

    A programme for former drug and alcohol users – providing training for the logistics industry.

  • Back to Work Programme

    Training ex-offenders, the homeless and disadvantaged youths for employment in the logistics sector, reducing re-offending and social exclusion.

  • Social Enterprise Hatchery

    In partnership with the University of Northampton.

  • Logistics Academy

    Giving personal and in depth accredited training.

  • Employment Agency

    Working with people graduating from the Logistics Academy to find them long term employment.

  • Hemmingwell Community and Skills Centre

    Goodwill Solutions CIC adopted the centre in 2016 and manages the centre which brings education, training and social activities to the Rixon ward in Wellingborough.

  • Night Shelter

    Supporting Northampton Borough Council’s efforts to end sleeping rough in the town through the opening of a new Night Shelter.

Six years ago I had a choice, retire and do nothing, or do something different?

I decided I wanted to do something different. I had no desire to build a personal financial empire; I’m modestly comfortable in life and I have no children to leave to whom I’d leave my fortune. The alternative I wanted to pursue and realise was to do something for the community.

I often drive through districts of Northampton that have unemployment, anti-social behaviour and crime problems. Driving through the districts and seeing these issues first hand inspired me to think about how I could help to solve them. That’s when I came up with the idea of creating a community interest company, and so I set up Goodwill Solutions.

Our mission is to help the local community by running projects, schemes and programmes developed to train ex-offenders, armed service personnel, former homeless and the long-term unemployed, for employment in the logistics sector.

I believe that the key to really resolve these issues is to help those effected get into work. Once the underlying issues are addressed and a framework for social change can be implemented, these elements can be reduced and ultimately removed from the community.

The simple fact is, unless we as a community can change the way we deal with disadvantaged people, then we will always have societal problems. Our company is trying to change that in Northampton.

Until Goodwill Solutions is able to get 100% of the people in our Back to Work training programmes achieve a complete return to employment then we’ll know there’s still a lot more left for us to do and strive towards.

“Why Goodwill Solutions?
The training and employment we provide significantly reduces rates of reoffending.”Mike Britton

Our Partners

We enjoy close relationships with the University of Northamptonshire, Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership and Northamptonshire County Council.

Additionally, we work with a huge number of organisations in the UK and beyond, from national and global retailers and manufacturers, to local charity and welfare organisations, government and legislative authorities.

Our online furniture shop is launching soon!

We supply an extensive range of furniture for the education sector, charities and government. Our store is on the way, so check back soon.